Cathedral - Wzgórze Lecha

This is the most valuable monument of Gniezno, located on the historic Lech Hill. The first building here was an oratory, the remains of which can be seen in the vaults of the Cathedral. In 970, Mieszko I built the first church here, and seven years later his wife Dąbrówka was buried there. In 1000, the body of the martyr St. Adalbert found its resting place here.

The Cathedral on Lech Hill in Gniezno reminds us of many events in the history of both the Church and the Polish state. It was in Gniezno that archbishops, and later primates, performed royal coronations. They often held the office of Interrex – the title of the First Prince belonged to them. These outstanding figures and their activities have left a number of mementoes in the form of buildings, important documents and precious foundations. The magnificent Gothic cathedral with its vaults, the extraordinary Gniezno Doors, the huge cathedral treasury (the third largest and the oldest in Poland – now displayed in the Museum of the Archdiocese of Gniezno), countless documents and books (the oldest one dates back to 800, and is kept in the Archdiocesan Archives in Gniezno). All this can be found in an ancient, historic site – the Cathedral on Lech Hill in Gniezno.

We invite you to visit the Cathedral – the most precious monument in Gniezno. Also, we provide you with a possibility to use a guide. In this way, you will be able to travel back in time, and learn more about the history of our country.

Visiting Gniezno Cathedral – also with a guide – we invite you.

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